Elementary Bands

  • This information applies to all elementary schools in Woodridge 68.


    Band is an optional activity that is available to all 6th graders across the district. Students who want to join simply need to choose an instrument and sign up, by turning in a completed enrollment form. No prior experience and no special skills are required. Everyone will be a beginner at the same time.


    Local area music stores, such as Quinlan & Fabish, provide instruments on a rent-to-own basis. Everyone will also need to purchase the book, Essential Elements Interactive, Book One, for their instrument. There might be other supplies as well, such as valve oil, spare reeds, and cleaning kits.


    For this school year (2021-2022), students may choose from these common band instruments:

    • flute
    • clarinet
    • trumpet/cornet
    • trombone
    • combined percussion (bells & drums)


    Researchers report links between music education and brain development, which supports learning in math, reading, sciences, physical dexterity, emotional maturity and stability, and all aspects of human development. Band will help your child develop grit and perseverance. Along the way, they’ll learn new skills, make new friends, learn about world cultures and history, continue a strong tradition, and contribute to their community at parades and ceremonies. Plus, they’ll have lots of fun!

musical instruments laid out to spell the word band