Frequently Asked Questions

Updated August 25, 2021

Health & Safety

  • What is the mask policy?

  • Can students take off masks while outdoors? During recess? During PE?

  • Are masks required for sports and activities?

  • Is daily health self-certification required this year?

  • Will students from different classes mix?

  • Will students enter and exit through the main doors or be assigned a specific door?

  • Will we have 6th grade patrols?

  • What are the quarantine requirements for close contacts and positive cases?

School Activities

  • Will Curriculum Night be in person or virtual or both?

  • Will the schools allow visitors during the school day?

  • Will there be band and chorus?

  • Will field trips be allowed?

  • Will school assemblies be allowed?

  • Can the school/PTO hold events?

  • Can we have after school PTO events? (e.g., book fair, etc)

  • Can PTOs return to in-person meetings at the school?

Food Service

  • Will students be 6 feet apart while eating?

  • Will lunch be in the classroom?

  • Can students go home for lunch like last year?

  • Will breakfast be served at school or sent home?

  • Can students bring and eat snacks at school?


  • Do students have to wear a mask on the bus?

  • What other protocols will be in place for students on the bus?

Student Services

  • Will IEP meetings be held in person?


  • How do I log into Skyward Family Access?

  • I forgot my Skyward Family Access user name and/or password. Help!


  • Can outside organizations rent school district facilities again?