About the LRC

    1. Library books are checked out for one week and are due back to the LRC on or before the following library day.  You may return your books as soon as you have finished reading them so that you can check out new ones.
    2. To renew a book, it must be brought back to the LRC to be rescanned. Joke books, drawing books, magazines and other fun books are not renewable.
    3. If you forget your library book or are absent on your library day, you should return it the very next day.
    4. Remember to take care of your library books!
      • Books should be carried to and from school in your backpack or schoolbag to protect them from the weather.  If you keep your library books in your backpack, it will help you remember to bring them to school on library day.
      • Books should be kept in a safe place away from baby brothers and sisters and pets.
      • You should always have clean hands while reading library books and NEVER eat or drink while reading.
      • Always use a bookmark, NEVER bend over the corner of a page to mark your place!
    5. Even after preventative measures have been taken, accidents do happen. When they do, bring the book back to the LRC immediately with a note explaining how the damage happened. Please do not try to repair a damaged book yourself! Good intentions often make the damage worse. Even taping a loose page creates problems. We have special tape, glue, and repair techniques that we use to help the books last longer.
    6. Students are responsible for paying the cost of repairing or replacing a damaged library book, unless it is determined that the damage was due to normal wear and tear.  Students are also responsible for paying for a lost library book. If the book is found and returned within 6 months of being reported lost, the student will be refunded the money paid for the book.
girl holding books in library