Sipley Teacher Parent Organization (STP)


    The Sipley Student Teacher Parent Organization is the parent/teacher organization for our school. The goals of our organization are:

    • To assist parents in their efforts to stay engaged in their child's academic and social success
    • To establish a forum to relay information among our school's principal, teachers, and parents
    • To organize and fund events that enrich our children's educational experience, provide enjoyment, and promote a sense of community among all Sipley students, staff, and parents


    YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE by getting involved with STP!


    CONTACT US ANYTIME with questions, ideas, comments, or suggestions! Feel free to contact any of the Board members or send an e-mail to




    Click on this link to see the slides from the STP Curriculum Night Presentation 2019

Did You Know?

  • ⇒STP manages an estimated $15,000 budget
    ⇒STP gives $225 to each full time teacher to enhance student experiences
    ⇒Organizes and funds school assemblies
    ⇒Reimburses parent volunteers for field trip entry fees and parking


    Leadership & support roles available!

    We need your help!


    At-home projects available!

    There is a job for everyone!



    STP is for everyone!

    We are always looking for new faces and fresh ideas.

    Please consider getting involved during the 2021/2022 school year!