Steven Gustis, Board of Education President

Message from the President

  • Welcome to the Board of Education informational pages on the Woodridge School District 68 web site. The Board of Education is made up of seven citizens who were each elected in April of odd-numbered years. Terms are staggered so that not all members are elected in the same year. Right now, four of our current board members’ terms will expire in April 2023, and three will expire in April 2025. Current board members are eligible to run for reelection. Learn about your current board members by reading about them on the Meet the Board page.


    The school board meets monthly for a public working meeting to conduct district business.The dates, times, and locations of the monthly board meetings are posted on the Meeting Schedule page. While board meetings are public, certain topics of discussion require a closed session either immediately preceding or immediately after the regular school board meeting. Topics for closed session include appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees or student disciplinary cases.


    While school board meetings are held in public, they are not a forum for public participation. Board members are elected to serve as the public’s voice. Each meeting’s agenda does have a dedicated time, however, for public comments on agenda and non-agenda items and presentation of other communication, petitions, and requests to the Board of Education.


    Board Members act as trustees for their community. The work of the School Board falls under four general categories:

    Policy: This is the most important work of the board and includes decisions regarding:

    • Establishing the direction and goals of the district
    • Delegating authority and defining the limitations on that authority
    • Establishing board processes, including those for monitoring progress toward district goals and ensuring compliance with laws and with board policy (all policies can be reviewed on the Board Policies page of the website)

    Problem Solving: These decisions are based on isolated, one-time issues that arise from time-to-time

    Managerial: As required under the Illinois School Code, decisions are made regarding:

    • Appointment of teachers and determination of salaries
    • Approve materials that best support curriculum
    • Approve all contracts
    • Authorize the payment of all bills
    • Publish an annual financial report

    Personnel: The school board is required by law to act on the approval of all employment contracts, salaries, benefits, and dismissals decisions. Often this is delegated to district administration.


    Your Board of Education invites you to attend our monthly Board Meetings to listen to our informative presentations and discussions and to find out all the new and exciting opportunities available within Woodridge School District 68.


    Steven Gustis, President

    Woodridge School District 68

    Board of Education