Woodridge 68 under FOIA


    The District’s “public records” are those records and documents, regardless of physical or electronic form, pertaining to the transaction of public business and as further defined by law, including the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”), and the District’s FOIA Administrative Procedures. The District maintains and makes available for inspection a reasonably current list of the types and categories of records under its control, as well as those documents that are immediately available upon request.


    Requests to inspect and/or copy the District’s public records must be submitted in writing and directed to the FOIA Officer, Dr. William Schmidt, Assistant Superintentdent for Human Resources. Requests are expected to specify with reasonable particularity which public records are sought to avoid inefficient use of staff time in retrieving and preparing records for inspection. Repeated requests from the same person for the same records that are unchanged or identical to records previously provided or properly denied under FOIA are deemed unduly burdensome and may be denied. If a request is for a commercial purpose, as defined in FOIA and the District’s FOIA Administrative Procedures, the request is expected to disclose that in his or her initial written request. It is a violation of FOIA for a person to knowingly obtain a public record for a commercial purpose without disclosing that it is for a commercial purpose, if requested to do so by the District.