Over-the-Counter Medications

  • Each Woodridge 68 school has a health office staffed by a health aide. Health aides are here to help:

    • address illness/injury concerns
    • provide basic first aid
    • administer prescription medication as directed by physicians
    • collaborate with our district nurses, and
    • provide comfort care to children (e.g. ice packs, band-aids, etc.)
hands holding heart with first aid cross
  • Our health aides cannot administer any over-the-counter medical products without proper authorization, and these products will not be supplied by the school.


    You may send in any non-medicated over-the-counter item (e.g., lotion, ChapStick, Vaseline, etc.) for your child's personal use along with a note authorizing their use at school. We encourage the use of these items at home before school to avoid the loss of learning time. You may also supply cough drops for your child's short-term usage (not to exceed 5 days).