Occupational and Physical Therapists


    Occupational therapists and physical therapists provide specialized interventions to support students' independence and participation in their educational program.


    The role of occupational and physical therapy in the schools is to:

    1. Provide an accurate assessment of student needs in the learning environment;
    2. Support teaching staff by providing information on how to interact safely, comfortably and effectively with students;
    3. Help adapt programming and the school environment to meet individual student needs; and
    4. Provide therapeutic intervention as needed to allow the student to benefit from his/her individualized education program within the least restrictive environment. SASED OT and PT staff provide services to students in SASED programs and within member district schools.


    Woodridge 68 has three occupational therapists on staff and contracts physical therapy services through The School Association for Special Education in DuPage County (SASED).