Dismissal Procedures

Afternoon Pick-Up


    If your child is a car rider in the PM…

    • At 2:55pm each day, car riders will be dismissed. Students will walk to the gym and be directed by staff to the waiting area.
    • Drivers will follow the same procedure for lining up as in the morning.
    • Please pull all the way forward in the circle.
    • When you come to a stop, your child will be directed to come to your vehicle by a staff member.
    • Please be mindful of students walking home and not to block any intersections or crosswalks while waiting to pick up your children.
    • Remember, the school zone is a cell-free zone. Drivers can be ticketed for using a cell phone in a school zone.
    • If your child is a daily car rider – you will be provided with a sheet with a number assigned to the child(ren) you are picking up. Please place it on your passenger window of your vehicle, clearly visible to staff.
    • If you need to pick your child up occasionally –
    • Call the school office BEFORE 2:30pm as it gets very hectic in the office at the end of the day.


    If your child walks home in the PM…

    • Students will be dismissed at 2:55pm. Students will exit out the recess doors and walk home.
    • Students must leave the school grounds and go straight home.
    • Parents of walkers may meet their children outside the recess doors of the building each afternoon at 2:55pm.


    If your child rides the bus in the PM…

    • Students will be dismissed at 2:55pm.
    • Bus riders will exit through the recess doors and proceed directly to the bus.
    • Parents are not permitted to intercept children boarding buses to provide a ride home in a vehicle.
    • Sipley School buses depart the school grounds by 3:00pm each day.
    • In the case of an emergency parent pick-up, parents must come into the office and a staff member will locate the student boarding the school bus.