Arrival Procedures

Morning Drop-Off


    If your child gets dropped off by car in the AM…

    • Driving Instructions
      • Take Woodridge Drive to Meadowdale Lane
      • Go west on Meadowdale to Geneva Street
      • North on Geneva to Edgewood Parkway
      • Go west on Edgewood to Canterbury Lane
      • South on Canterbury Lane (pick-up line will form on Canterbury)
      • Get in line and proceed forward as the line moves up
      • Cars should pull into the circle to drop-off students
      • Please pull all the way forward in the circle before letting your child out
    • Sipley staff members will be outside to supervise beginning at 8:05am
    • When waiting to drop-off, drivers of vehicles should be mindful of students walking to school and not to block any intersections or residents exiting their driveways
    • Remember, the school zone is a cell-free zone. Drivers can be ticketed for using a cell phone in a school zone.


    If your child walks to school in the AM…

    • Walkers should use sidewalks and crosswalks, and line up with their class on the blacktop.


    If your child rides the bus in the AM…

    • Students will get picked up at the designated time, at their assigned location and be dropped off at school each morning. Students will proceed directly to line up with their class on the blacktop.
    • Students are brought into the building at 8:10 am by staff members. The tardy bell rings and students should be in their seats at 8:20 am.